We transport and dispose of almost any solid and liquid waste, including industrial waste, oil absorbents, and tank sludge at one of the approved ISO certified facilities that we use. We currently provide waste disposal services for nearly all municipalities and we are the largest provider of bins to municipal corporations and private businesses throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

We also provide vacuum truck services for sewer and cesspit waste, to private business and households.


 Our key services include the following:


  • Vacuum Sweeper Truck services

  • Compactors (garbage trucks) –  for both commercial and residential contracts

  • Mechanically Operated Small Bins – 1.5 cubic yards, 3 cubic yards and 6 cubic yards

  • Heavy Equipment Rental – Backhoes, Overloaders etc.

  • Vacuum/Septic Trucks for both commercial and residential services

  • Removal of confidential waste.

  • Hook Truck – Roll on roll off services, for 10 to 20 cubic yard bins as required.

  • Self compacting waste disposal equipment(Static Compactors)

  • Size – 15-36 cubic yards bins

  • Collection of the following for recycling:-










Our key services also include:


  • Waste Oil Removal

  • Portable Chemical Toilets- including units for differently-abled

  • Wood Chipper and Shredder

  • Wood Grader

  • Dump Truck Services

  • Water Trucks services including Potable Water Supply

  • Supply of Aggregates

  • Gully Sucker Services

  • Rental of  small vehicles such as pickups, panel vans,  cars

  • Crane Truck Rentals

  • Small Crane rentals

  • Winch truck Rentals

  • Towing and Wrecker trucks

  • Motor vibrator roller rentals

  • Dump Truck Rentals

  • Flat Bed Truck Rentals

  • Rental of Trucks with Hydraulic Tail Lifts

  • Clearing of Drains and Pipelines including Snaking

  • Sale of Parts

  • Sale of Equipment and Vehicles

  • Aluminum Cans

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Bottles

  • Waste Oil

  • E-waste

  • Card Board/Paper

  • All Metals

  • All Plant Waste

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