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Our key services include the following:


  • Vacuum Sweeper Truck Services

  • Compactors (garbage trucks) –  for both commercial and residential contracts

  • Mechanically Operated Small Bins – 1.5 cubic yards, 3 cubic yards and 6 cubic yards

  • Heavy Equipment Rental – Backhoes, Overloaders etc.

  • Vacuum/Septic Trucks for both commercial and residential services

  • Removal of confidential waste

  • Hook Truck – Roll on roll off services, for 10 to 20 cubic yard bins as required.

  • Self compacting waste disposal equipment(Static Compactors)

  • Size – 15-36 cubic yards bins

  • Collection of the following for recycling





Our key services also include:


  • Waste Oil Removal

  • Portable Chemical Toilets- including units for differently-abled

  • Wood Chipper and Shredder

  • Wood Grader

  • Dump Truck Services

  • Water Trucks services including Potable Water Supply

  • Supply of Aggregates

  • Gully Sucker Services

  • Rental of  small vehicles such as pickups, panel vans,  cars

  • Crane Truck Rentals

  • Small Crane Rentals

  • Winch truck Rentals

  • Towing and Wrecker Trucks

  • Motor Vibrator Roller Rentals

  • Dump Truck Rentals

  • Flat Bed Truck Rentals

  • Rental of Trucks with Hydraulic Tail Lifts

  • Clearing of Drains and Pipelines including Snaking

  • Sale of Parts

  • Sale of Equipment and Vehicles

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