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Paper is collected and shredded by use of our shredder trucks which are equipped with lift and scale for efficient, accurate waste destruction.In our quest to protect the environment, B. K. Holdings Limited also collects shredder paper from companies which conduct in house shredding.Confidentiality is also very important to us, paper waste represents secure information that must be protected. With this in mind, we offer confidentiality agreements to all our clients and ensure that they are signed before any paper is taken. We cater to the needs of all our clients, in this regard paper Shredding via mobile shredder trucks is offered on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Bulk Basis.




Waste Oil


We collect plastics from Schools, Businesses, Private Residences, Government Offices and any persons willing to partner with us.


As with the collection of plastics, we use the same collection method streams for the collection of Aluminium Cans and Steel .We also have a wire stripper to salvage copper wire from discarded wires.


We recycle cardboard/paper and the benefits are similar to those of recycling paper as Paper the raw material and the process used in its manufacture are similar.



We collect used motor oil from local customers, the marine industrial fleet and consumer industries. The used oil is exported to foreign processors.


Others - In addition to the above recyclables, we are involved in the collection of the following for recycling:

  • Pallets - for composting

  • Tyres - for calorific value and we are pursuing local usages

  • White waste - for all its constituent resources.



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