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B.K. Holdings Limited is a waste management company established in 1984, providing solid and liquid waste removal services to a variety of industries throughout Trinidad & Tobago; including the public sector, the private sector and industrial and commercial clients. We transport and dispose of almost any solid and liquid waste including industrial waste, oil absorbents and tank sludge. We provide waste disposal services for all municipalities and we are also the largest provider of bins to all municipal corporations and private businesses in Trinidad & Tobago.


The directors are Jameel Sadeek and Sharon Sadeek. B.K. Holdings Limited is dedicated to providing quality, cost effective and environmentally sustainable waste management solutions, that are tailored to meet the needs of all our customers.


B.K. Holdings Limited started operations as a scavenging contractor, providing services to the Government through its municipalities. The company is in a constant state of expansion and diversification. Starting with municipal scavenging as its core business, the company diversified its operations into mechanically loaded bins, roll on/off bins, liquid (oil or sewage) waste removal utilizing vacuum trucks, wood shredding, onsite paper shredding,bioremediation, agricultural soil conditioning (bioaugumentation), aggregates supply, portable toilets, drain cleaning, pipeline snaking, road sweeping and maintenance, sewer plant maintenance and repairs etc.


B.K Holdings Limited currently offers a wide range of waste disposal services to both Trinidad and Tobago. Our Tobago base is located at Store Bay Local Road, Tobago. Our company thrives on developing its product portfolio and is always looking for new processes and new business ventures. We have recently started our on site paper shredding initiatives and collection of recyclable materials with a view of setting up collection facilities in Tobago.

Our Vision

B.K. Holdings Limited aims to provide excellent customer service to all our clients.

We are thus customer oriented and aim to fulfill our vision of:

  • WE DELIVER- as agreed upon, on time and in budget


  • WE ARE PIONEERING-in our field and beyond



About Us

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