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Agricultural Enhancement




Microbial Products


We specialize in the commissioning of various recycling projects applicable to both private and commercial entities while supplying a range of bioremediation products and services affiliated with problems stemming from human activities on the natural environment.

Our Products & Services include:


Agricultural Enhancement      To enhance agricultural production geared towards the                                                        reduction of contaminants  our surface and ground water

                                             sources by:

• Improving plant and vegetable growth

• Improvement in yield of fruits and vegetables

• Improvement in quality of produce

• Reduction in use of pesticides with a view towards total elimination




Environmental Enhancement    We are geared towards treatment of the following to attain                                               environmental effluent standards and to capture the                                                           beneficial uses where available.

• Waste emanating from animal husbandry

• Tree cuttings for composting

• Vegetable wastes

• Septic wastes

• Waste water

• Fats, oils and greases




Recycling                                  We provide recycling services for the following to convert                                                   waste products into new materials.

• Plastics

• Metals

• Cardboard/Paper

• Waste Oil

• Others

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